Travel Assistance
Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

Travelling beyond your home country always requires a lot of planning and preparation. However, when the travel is intended for medical purposes, then the experience can be even more physically and emotionally challenging.

Our International Patients helpdesk strives to make this experience comfortable for our patients and ensures that you do not face any unnecessary problems throughout the course of your journey. The helpdesk assists patients at every step so they receive world-class healthcare while feeling at home.

This includes sharing an itinerary detailing all the appointments after the treatment is confirmed, assisting with accommodation and helping with the documentation and the travel back home post discharge.


  • According to the nature of the patient’s medical condition, the very first step would be consulting with a doctor whether one is fit to travel. The patient can also interact with Columbia Asia consultants through telephone or video conferencing to seek advice.
  • Patients can learn about the different specialities, procedures and facilities we offer through our website where details about a specific procedure or a treatment the patient might be interested in can be found. Patients can get a vivid idea regarding the expectations, treatment and recovery time from the information provided. One can contact the International Patients helpdesk for any further query.
  • Once the selection of the treatment and facility has been made, a patient may want to choose to proceed with a particular doctor for the treatment. We have a highly committed set of internationally acclaimed and certified consultants.
  • All queries will be addressed within 2 working days. Depending on the nature of the query, the concerned doctor might ask for the patient’s medical reports and advise accordingly.
  • A Medical Visa is required to travel to India for medical treatment. We will issue a medical letter which is required to get an Indian Medial Visa approved. 
  • Patients must send copies of their and the attendants’ passports so the hospital can send them a visa invitation letter. Once the travel plans are final, patients must communicate their travel details to the International Patients helpdesk.


Patients are requested to carry the following documents with them while travelling:

  • Passport and visas. Patients can contact the International Patients helpdesk for any assistance required regarding the same.
  • Medical / health history reports and statements regarding ongoing and past treatments / certificates
  • Copies of all vaccination certificates and relevant medical documents including records of previous surgeries
  • An identification proof such as a driver’s license
  • Credit / debit cards, local currency and / or traveller's checks
  • The patients and the attendants require a fit to fly certificate from the airport of origin
  • Multiple passport size photos of the patient and the attendants as they are required for various formalities

Arrival and stay

  • We provide pick up service from the airport for our patients. Post discharge, a drop off service will also be provided by us.
  • Patients can communicate their accommodation preferences to the International Patients helpdesk beforehand and the helpdesk will help arrange the accommodation according to the requirements.
  • Patients should show their passport and identification and must share a copy of their passport with the hospital as per the regulation of the Indian government.
  • The helpdesk will also assist with all the local services. be it a local mobile connection or local currency, travel and transportation or tourism options post discharge.
  • Translators for Arabic and French would be available round-the-clock.


Columbia Asia works with numerous insurance providers across the world. Patients can get a list of companies by contacting International Patients helpdesk.