• Mr. Harlan Talks about his Life-Changing Bariatric Surgery

    Chad Harlan decided to undergo bariatric surgery after severe weight gain caused by arthritis. The diagnosis made it difficult for him to exercise even though he was an active individual since college. He decided on the procedure as a solution and felt transformed afterwards in terms of how he felt and looked, calling it the best decision for himself, his family and career.

    Mr. Chad Harlan

  • Mr. Nahom Hailu Talks about Overcoming his Severe ENT Complications

    After developing complications during a surgery in his home country, Nahom was facing
    severe problems which left him unable to breathe. He was advised to seek treatment at Columbia Asia India by his doctor.
    Post his diagnosis, the obvious solution was to perform a risky invasive surgery but our team operated endoscopically instead which massively reduced the recovery time. Post his surgery, Nahom was breathing freely once again.

    Mr. Nahom Hailu

  • Mr. Hatem Shares his Experience of Undergoing a Hip Replacement Surgery

    Ammar developed pain in his hip joints leaving him unable to walk at the mere age of 21. When surgery and treatment in his home country didn't help, he sought healthcare at Columbia Asia India where he underwent a technologically advanced Hip replacement procedure.
    Within a week of the surgery, he was fit enough to go back home and was able to walk once again without any help within a month.

    Mr. Ammar Hatem

  • Mr. Crutcher Discusses Leaving Behind Severe Back Pain after a Successful Surgery

    Doctors concluded a part of Greg’s vertebrae had to be removed after developing pain due to a ruptured disk in his back.
    He sent the MRI reports to Columbia Asia and was pleasantly shocked as the costs were one eighth of the amount quoted by hospitals at home. Another welcome surprise was when our doctors performed the surgery without affecting his vertebra.
    Greg was relieved of the pain and could sleep normally. He shared that he was so comfortable, he started sleeping too much!

    Greg Crutcher Texas,

  • Ms. Cherut Talks about her Successful Spinal Surgery

    Everylyne found a solution to the spine problem she had been suffering from for ten years after being treated by our doctors. A bone in her back had shifted its position after she gave birth which caused severe pain and problems in movement and walking.

    She had lost all hope but after undergoing the procedure, she was able to start walking and climbing the stairs, resuming many of her day to day activities.

    Ms.Everlyne Cherut Sobet

  • Ms. Habu Shares her Emotional Journey of Battling Scoliosis

    Ms. Habu was diagnosed with a severe case of Scoliosis and was given a brace to wear to aid the problem. However, the treatment was futile and when she came to India to seek an alternative, the doctor she consulted warned her that a surgery could result in the loss of sensation in her legs.

    Our team though was confident that the procedure was viable and Habu underwent the procedure successfully. She recovered with ease and was overjoyed at not having to worry about her appearance or pain for the first time in years.

    Ms. Habu Patience Kalliat

  • Mr. Ombajo Shares his Experience of Being Treated for an Atypical Meningioma

    Kevin was suffering from a rare case of a recurring tumoure in his brain. Seeking a permanent solution to his problem, he chose Columbia Asia as he found technology which he couldn’t discover anywhere else like live MRI during the surgery. Our doctor also answered all his questions to his satisfaction, including those which doctors in the US and Kenya were unable to.

    After the successful removal of the tumoure, Kevin recovered fully and returned home to resume his life.

    Mr. Kevin Ombajo

  • Ms. Feeney Talks about her Life-Changing Spinal Fusion and Decompression Treatment

    Della suffered from spondylolisthesis for 6 years with increasing pain. She chose Columbia Asia India as she discovered the neurosurgery team to be the best among the ones she searched for.

    Within 10 days of undergoing surgery, she could walk and no longer needed medication. She teared up as she had never imagined she would walk normally again or not have pain. But what she loved most about her experience was the genuine affection of the nurses and our hospital’s clean atmosphere which never made her feel that she was sick.

    Ms. Della Feeney

  • Mrs. Wakio Shares her Story of Defeating Cervical Cancer

    Agatha Wakio underwent a surgery after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was advised to come to Columbia Asia by her friend and sought treatment for the illness. After six weeks of a radiation and chemotherapy regimen, she was free of cancer and ready to fly back home. Mrs. Agatha Wakio Kenya

    Mrs. Agatha Wakio Kwale,

  • Mr. Mwangi Speaks about his Successful Kidney Transplant

    After being diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, John required a kidney transplant. He was advised by his friend, a former patient himself, to seek treatment at Columbia India.

    Post undergoing the transplant successfully, John no longer required regular dialysis and was able to resume his normal life within a few weeks. He was extremely happy that he could once again run, joke and do all the things he did before his diagnosis.

    Mr. John Mwangi