Department Of Neurodevelopment, Paediatrics

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Department Of Neurodevelopment, Paediatrics

The Department of Paediatrics at Columbia Asia Hospital – Sarjapur now has a specialist in paediatric neurodevelopment who offers total health solutions for neurodevelopmental issues in children from birth to 16 years of age as well as young adults. The hospital provides inpatient and outpatient paediatric care in a friendly and caring atmosphere. The neurodevelopment specialist is highly skilled and experienced to diagnose and manage neurodevelopmental disorders along with a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated doctors, experienced nurses and specialist therapists who work towards providing multi-dimensional health-care. The consultant utilises the latest, internationally accepted tools to aid diagnosis and practices evidence based medicine. The electronic medical records help in keeping track of the health history which will be accessible to all the doctors who take care of your child. This ensures continuity of care which is extremely important in the care of such vulnerable children. Each patient is offered a personalised testing, diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as comprehensive support and follow-up care.


  • Outpatient services including other specialty consultations if required
  • Round-the-clock inpatient services with qualified paediatricians
  • Initial assessments
  • Second opinions
  • Family consultations
  • Neonatal ICU with neonatologists
  • Paediatric ICU
  • Round-the-clock emergency services
  • Integration of care with physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, audiologists, neurologists and clinical psychologists

Neurodevelopmental disorders affect the child’s ability to think and function normally and can appear at any time from birth or later years.


Symptoms for which a neurodevelopment consultation is needed

  • Abnormal muscle tone
  • Asymmetrical body movements or limb posturing
  • Difficulties with behaviour or attention span
  • Learning difficulties / slow learners
  • Developmental delays (motor, speech, social, thinking or learning)
  • Hearing or vision problems
  • Neurological disorders (such as seizures or cerebral palsy)

Common neurodevelopmental disorders include (not limited to):

  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioural problems
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger syndrome
  • Communication disorders
  • Developmental coordination disorders (dyspraxia)
  • Developmental delays
  • Down syndrome
  • Foetal alcohol syndrome
  • Neurogenetic conditions
  • Hearing and speech services
  • Rehabilitation medicine