Cardiac Critical Care Unit Or Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

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Cardiac Critical Care Unit Or Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

This unit is a specialised area in the hospital for patients with heart problems to be continuously monitored. After heart surgery, all patients will be in the intensive care unit for at least 48 hours.

The cardiac critical care unit at Columbia Asia Hospitals is manned by highly skilled doctors, nurses and technicians, who continuously monitor patients. 1:1 nursing is available.

The patient is attached to a cardiac monitor and his / her blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiratory rate are monitored. Chest drains may be in place but will be removed before discharge from intensive care unit. Pacing wires which if not in use, will be coiled and covered with a dressing. These are removed on about the fourth day after the surgery.

Physiotherapy will be started a day after the surgery and continued in the ward.