Male Breast Issues

استفسر الان

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Male Breast Issues

Traditionally people associate breast problems in women but men can also be affected. Males usually suffer from gynaecomastia; a benign / non cancerous swelling of the breast seen most commonly in the age group of 10-25 years.

Common conditions leading to breast enlargement in males

  1. Hormonal changes in puberty. An imbalance of hormones estrogen and testosterone. This usually disappears in 2-3 years by itself.
  2. Newborn may have breast swelling due to hormones of the mother.
  3. Hormones or some medication which alter the usual hormonal balance.
  4. Sore or cracked nipples may occur due to irritation caused by clothes against the nipple or may be due to certain skin conditions like eczema.
  5. Painless, rubbery and easily moveable lump(s) called fibroadenomas – very rare.
  6. A hard, painless lump under the nipple or around it with some dimpling or puckering may be cancerous. One in every 100 breast cancer cases affects males. Usually, they are locally advanced at presentation as the amount of breast tissue is less and hence, the cells tend to spread to overlying skin / underlying structures earlier.