How to build habits for healthier sleep

How to build habits for healthier sleep
How to build habits for healthier sleep

1. Maintain a sleep schedule: Try to maintain a fixed time for going to be and waking up. Over time it becomes a habit

2. Exercise regularly: Following a healthy daily exercise plan is imperative for healthier sleep and mental and physical health. Make sure not to exercise at least three hours before bedtime, or the adrenaline might still be high in the body making it difficult to fall asleep.

3. Eat healthy: Heavy, rich meals before bedtime can interrupt the sleep process. Very spicy food also causes heartburn, which disturbs sleep. Instead, choose a small snack of bananas and almonds as they promote healthier sleep.

4. Avoid alcohol: Cultivate good sleep habits by limiting alcohol. Brain activity slows when alcohol is consumed, as it is a sedative. While it does make a person sleepy, the quality of alcohol-induced sleep is very poor and filled with vivid dreams, causing the person to wake feeling sluggish and restless. Limit alcohol consumption to 6 hours before bedtime.

5. Avoid excess caffeine and smoking: Caffeine and nicotine stimulate the nervous system, thereby interfering with sleep. Good sleep habits call for caffeine intake to be limited to two cups per day, and not to be consumed after late noon. The same goes for nicotine.

6. Short daytime naps: Sleeping tips for deep sleep is to limit midday naps to 30 minutes or less so that it doesn’t interfere with night time sleep or upset the circadian rhythm.

7. Use the bedroom for sleep only: Other sleeping tips are to avoid using electronics like mobiles, laptops, or tablets in bed. Don’t watch TV or eat in bed. Keep the room fresh with plenty of natural light and air circulation. Make sure the room temperature is cool when going to bed. Using the bedroom only for sleep allows the brain to associate it as such.

8. Relaxing bedtime routines: Maintain bedtime practices that soothe the nerves, like mediation, sleep yoga, reading a book, or listening to music. It enables the body to wind down for sleep and improves mental and physical health.

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