Follow Up Appointments
Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up Appointments

A patient’s journey with Columbia Asia Hospitals doesn't end when he / she walks out of our hospital doors. Our holistic approach to healthcare ensures we are with our patients at every step of the way and provide assistance even after they return home, post completing their treatment.

Before leaving India

Patients are requested to ensure they have all the necessary medical and travel documents, prescriptions of medicines and certificates with them when travelling back. Post discharge, they can coordinate with our helpdesk to ensure no formalities such as MEDA or FRRO and paperwork are left incomplete. Additionally, a fit to fly certificate will be issued by the hospital.

After returning home

Taking our belief of providing end-to-end patient care further, our consulting doctors continue to check-in on our patients even after they have been discharged. Post-procedure follow-ups are conducted through e-mail / phone/ video conferencing after the patient has left the hospital facility and moved into a hotel or left the country. Irrespective of whether the condition requires continuous follow-ups, our medical staff checks-in to ensure the patient's recovery is on track.

Additionally, if follow-up appointments are required or the treatment needs to be continued or changed, then an appointment can be made with the medical provider as per the patient’s convenience.