Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal successfully performs knee replacement surgery on a 99-yr-old lady

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New Delhi, February 20, 2019: Knee pain is one of the most common problems today across different age groups. One such case was witnessed at Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal where a 99-yr-old woman Syeda Ulfat Khan from Yemen was admitted as she was suffering from C shaped knees -(severe valgus-bent knee SEVERE VALGUS-BENT KNEES) due to which she was on a wheel chair from past 5 years. Her age was a major constraint due to which her knees had become rigid and she was not in a position to move an inch also. Fortunately, apart from her knee problems, she was all fit and healthy. Under the direct observation of Dr. Ravi Kelkar and his team of doctors, Syeda underwent complete check-ups before the surgery which included blood tests, ECG, X-ray, Cardiology and physical tests. The pre-surgical evaluations were done with utmost care, keeping in mind her age restrictions too. Luckily Syeda did not suffer from any comorbidities and cleared all her tests. Dr. Ravi Kelkar and his team performed the minimally invasive surgery and she was able to walk the very next day after the surgery. The surgery was successful and Syeda’s wish of being independent came true. She could walk all alone the very next day. “For 5 years, I have battled with knee problem. The pain was so unbearable that I would just sit in a corner and cry. Today I feel it’s hard to believe that I’m able to stand/ walk on my own legs, without any support. I can independently do all my day to day work without depending on anyone, all thanks to the doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal for giving me a new life at the age of 99” says Syeda Ulfat. Arthritis is a problem which can be treated at early stages by exercises, physiotherapy and dietary supplements. But when the problem intensifies, knee replacement surgery would be the only option. Today total knee replacement is one of the most successful orthopaedic surgeries for treatment of the knee problems. After surgery Syeda practices some knee exercises at home, rather than travelling miles for physiotherapy sessions. She is now able to walk on her own and enjoy outdoors and is no longer suffering from pain” said Dr. Ravi Kelkar consultant – orthopaedics, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal.


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