At Columbia Asia Hospitals, where patients are treated as guests, we try to create a home away from home so that our patients feel comfortable during the course of their treatment.

Our hospitals are strategically located and are well-connected by various means of public transport. An array of accommodation options catering to various budgets are also situated in close proximity for further ease.

Additionally, our International Patients helpdesk, which has collaborated with some of the country's leading travel agencies, is available to assist with any accommodation and travel arrangements that need to be made.

Accommodation services provided include:

  • Hotel bookings that cater to a range of budgets to include budget, deluxe as well as luxury hotels
  • Post discharge stay in a choice of hotels

Accommodation for patients post admission

Columbia Asia Hospitals are not just clean, efficient and equipped with the latest infrastructure but are also designed for comfort and safety.

The patient rooms are spacious and feature air-conditioning, a flat screen TV, a bathroom, complimentary Wi-Fi as well as a couch for the companion’s comfort. There is also a nurse available in addition to made to order cuisine.

Accommodation outside the hospital

Our International Patients helpdesk can arrange accommodation according to the preferences of the patients and their companions. Whether you seek a luxury hotel or more affordable options, the helpdesk will find the appropriate accommodation for you for a clean and comfortable stay.