26-yr-old Iraqi walks for the first time in his life

26-yr-old Iraqi

Salman (name changed) a 26-yr-old men from Iraq, was suffering from 10cm short leg and dysfunctional no hip joint from birth. When he was brought Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal, he couldn’t walk and was completely dependent on wheelchair or crutches to manage his daily needs.

He was born with this genetic defect of inappropriate hip joint placement, due to which his spinal cord was tilted and left leg was short by 10 cm. After 4 surgeries for lower leg, knee and foot had failed his walk was similar to the waddling of a duck.

He hails from a middle class family and his father runs a grocery shop. He has three siblings. During his childhood like all other kids, he had dreams of running around and playing with his friends. But this was never possible, because of his tilted spine and short leg. Unfortunately, even at the age of 26, his leg strength was of a 10-yr-old boy and very weak and though he wanted to help his father in his business he was unable.

Salman’s surgery was successful and now as his left foot touches the ground he is able to walk comfortably. He has started leading a new life getting rid of his wheelchair and crutches.

“Today if I’m standing on my legs, it’s all because of the doctor’s hard work and endless efforts. This surgery is a miracle which has happened in my life. I was in a fixed state of mind and accepted that I would be on a wheel chair throughout my life, and walking independently was impossible and ahead of a dream to me. But today it is a dream come true moment and I’m very thankful to the doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal” said Salman.



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